70+ Inexpensive Gifts for Wine Lovers Under $20 for 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Looking for inexpensive gifts for the wine lover in your life? Look no further! Show your wine loving friends and family some love with some fun, useful, yet inexpensive wine gifts. These wine themed gifts are a great for stocking stuffers or for one of the daily gifts of Hannukah. All the wine gifts are under $20 so are perfect for those awkward holiday exchange parties. I’m constantly adding to this list of inexpensive gifts for wine lovers so save it to come back to it for the next holiday or occasion.

inexpensive gifts for wine lovers
Gift Guide for the Wine Lover in your life

I’ve divided this wine gift list by category so that it’s easier to find the inexpensive wine gift you’re looking for. I start with wine essentials. It may seem like your wine-loving friend already has these but they often need to be replaced. Then on to inexpensive wine gifts for wine lovers who travel since we finally can again! Then wine clothing and accessories, wine gifts for home, and my personal favorite, wine books as gifts.

Essential Wine Gifts Under $20

If you’re like me, I like my gifts to be practical. So, what do wine lovers need? A way to open wine, a glass to drink it from (more on that below), a way to serve wine, and a way to preserve it. Read on for the perfect essential wine lover gift.

Wine Key

Wine lovers can never have enough wine keys. This iridescent one is just too cute. Buy this for any of your friends still using a winged corkscrew. A great stocking stuffer idea!

Wine Cooler

Keep white wine and sparkling wine at the ideal temperature in a double walled wine cooler. An essential and inexpensive gift for wine lovers!

Ah-so Wine Opener

An ah-so wine opener is a bit different than a regular wine key. An ah-so is for old bottles of wine that may have a fragile cork. A classic corkscrew can break an old cork so an ah-so is ideal to keep it intact.

Wine Away Stain Remover

Wine stains happen. This stain remover really works. It’s an essential wine gift that your wine lover friend may not buy for themselves but they’ll surely appreciate it!

Wine Decanter

Some wines need to breathe to open up. A decanter accelerates the aeration process. Every wine lover needs one and will appreciate this gift.

Wine Preserving System

After you’ve opened a bottle of wine, the race to keep it fresh begins. A vacuum system like this remove oxygen from the bottle so your wine last longer. Not a sexy gift but an essential and inexpensive gift for wine lovers.


For the red wine lover in your life, this aerator is compact and really helps the wine open up. It easily attaches to the bottle and you pour directly into your wine glass.

Monogram Wine Topper

Everyone appreciates a monogrammed gift. These rose gold wine toppers are darling and a great personalized wine gift.

Wine Nots Wine Stain Remover

There’s finally a way to get red wine stains off your teeth and tongue! These tablets are dissolvable and leave your teeth nice and sparkly. This is an essential wine gift for any of your professional wine friends who go to wine tasting often.

inexpensive gifts for wine lovers who travel
Inexpensive gifts for wine travelers

Inexpensive Gifts for Wine Lovers Who Travel

Here are inexpensive gifts for wine lovers who love to travel! There are some practical wine gifts for travel like a wine key that won’t be stolen by TSA as well as some wine-themed accessories all under $20.

Wine Themed Passport Cover

Is this not the most perfect inexpensive gift for the wine loving traveler in your life?

Wine Bottle Protection Sleeves with Pump

If your wine loving friends often travels to wine regions, they’ll likely come home with a few bottles. Help them get their bottles home safe with these wine sleeves. I especially love these because they are reusable for every wine adventure.

TSA Approved Wine Key

I can’t tell you how many wine keys I’ve had taken away at the airport! This is an absolutely necessary and inexpensive gift for your traveling wine lover or for any of your friend who are wine sales people. This wine key is TSA approved because it doesn’t have a blade foil cutter but instead a small wheel to cut the foil off of wine.

Wine Bottle Luggage Tags

How cute are these? These would make a great gift tag too to supplement a gift. Eventually we’ll start traveling again. These stainless steel luggage tags are great. They stand out to make it easier to find your luggage on the conveyor belt. And they won’t get ripped off or destroyed.

On Cloud Wine Beach Hat

When on vacation, most of us just want to sit on the beach with an ice cold glass of white wine. This hat is the perfect accessory for your wine loving beach bum friend.

Wine Bottle Holder

Pack up 4 bottles of wine in this insulated and padded wine bottle tote. This is great for picnics or for bringing wine home from a wine shop.

Cork Leather Cosmetic Bag

A very stylish travel cosmetic bag made out of cork makes a great inexpensive gift for the wine lover in your life.

Airpod Case with Wine Bottle Design

Now this really is an inexpensive gift for wine lovers that have everything!

Wine Skins

Wine Skins are a great way to protect your wine while traveling. They don’t take up any extra room and are leak resistance in the extremely rare chance your wine bottle breaks in your suitcase.

Wine Clothing and Apparel Gifts Under $20

What kind of list of inexpensive gifts for wine lovers wouldn’t have cheesy wine apparel? These are some of the best ones I found, some are cheesy, some are whacky, but they’ll all make a great gift for the wine lover in your life. And if I’m being honest, I love the cheesiness.

Wine Socks

Keep your wine loving toes warm! These socks are super cute. It’s a great way to wear some wine flair without being too obvious. You’re too cool for school wine lovers will appreciate them. Roll them up and stick them in a stocking.

Wine Slippers

I have these and they are soooo comfortable. Wine slippers are very useful and fun wine gift.

Funny Wine T-shirt

There are so many funny wine T-shirts out there. This one just resonates with me.

Wine Mask

Lest we forget… who knows how long we’ll be wearing these. Make a great wine gift out of a bad situation, I guess.

Cork Money Clip

Perfect for the wine dude or dudette in your life. Cork is very trendy right now. It’s a nice vegan alternative to leather.

Inexpensive Wine Jewelry Gifts

Sometimes we just need a little wine sparkle. A sophisticated pair of cufflinks for the wine snob in your life, a wine bottle and glass for your aunt, or a cute enamel pin for any millennial wine lovers you need to buy a gift for.

These would be the perfect wine gift for the sommelier in your life or as a great inexpensive gift for wine lovers who like to dress up.

Wine Bottle and Glass Necklace

There’s a huge variety of these wine glass necklaces available. I personally like the silver and red.

Wine Charm Bracelet

Perhaps a wine gift for mom for Mother’s Day or a stocking stuffer for the holidays.

Beaded Grape Earrings

Don’t judge me, but I saw a similar pair at H&M last season and I’m still upset that I didn’t buy them for myself.

Corkscrew Wine Pin

An understated wine lover gift.

Enamel Wine Bottle and Wine Glass Pin

These pins are really cute and a very inexpensive gift for wine lovers at around $5.

Wine Tasting Gifts Under $20

Here are some inexpensive gifts for wine lovers who like to throw wine tasting parties or who are studying for wine exams. A wine journal is essential but wine props for a photobooth are just for fun. Here is a list of everything you need for an in home wine tasting party.

Wine Tasting Journal

A wine lover needs to keep track of all their wines they’ve tasted by keeping notes. This journal is both functional and stylish.

Wine Tasting Photo Booth Props

Wine tasting does not have to be stuffy! Have a blast with these fun wine-themed photo booth props.

Blind Tasting Wine Bags

If the wine lover in your life is studying for wine exams, they’ll need to do lots of blind tasting. These bags hide the bottles so they have to use their skills to identify the bottle.

Wine Tasting Party Silverware Holders

These felt silverware holders are simply darling. A great and inexpensive wine gift for the hostess of any wine tasting party.

Wine Tasting Placements

These placements are a great way to access wine. This can be done at a party for fun or for a serious wine lover to study.

Inexpensive Wine Glassware Gifts

Wine lovers go through wine glasses entirely too frequently. They chip, they break, and there’s just some of us that want and need the perfect wine glass for every wine and every occasion. Every wine lover will appreciate a fresh new set of glassware as a gift.

Champagne Flutes

These will be a particular great wine lover gift for Christmas with NYE just around the corner.

Stemless Novelty Wine Glass

Essential Everyday Wine Glasses

I cannot stress this enough. Wine lovers always need new glasses. Also, your wine loving friend will think of you every time they drink wine!

Wine Cloth

Keep those glasses sparkling with this Riedel wine cloth.

Wine Tumbler

An insulated wine tumbler for taking wine on the go for a picnic or at the beach. A functional and inexpensive gift for wine lovers who love the outdoors.

Wine & Food Gifts Under $20

What would wine be without food? What would food be without wine? Wine lovers tend to be entertainers and will need the appropriate equipment to serve up the best meat and cheese plates to pair with their wines. These are unique and inexpensive gifts for wine lovers that love to share their wine with other.

Wine Pairing Poster

This is a great wine gift for a friend who loves wine and loves to cook.

Bamboo Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie is all the rage these days. An inexpensive gift for wine lovers who love to snack.

Cheese Spreaders w/ Cork Handle

Meat and cheese platters are all the rage right now. Your wine loving friend will love these cheese spreaders to upgrade the look of their charcuterie board.

Inexpensive Gifts for Wine Lovers for Skin & Beauty

All wine lovers are naturally beautiful. The elements in wine make our skin shine, ha! These lotions and creams are extracted from wine grapes and are the perfect inexpensive gift for the wine lover that has everything.

Eye Cream with Wine Extracts

Rose Bath Bombs

Take a relaxing bath with rose wine bath bombs!

Wine Flavored Lip Balm

Want! Want! Want! Oh, this isn’t supposed to be my own personal wish list, is it? I just feel like this would curb my cravings for wine until at least after 5pm.

Chardonnay Soap

For the Chardonnay lover in your life. This soap is handmade from goat milk, grapes, and scented with oak.

Grape Extract Hand Cream

Santorini Grapes Body Wash

This is an inexpensive gift for wine lovers who have everything. This bodywash smells amazing and is made from the best ingredients.

Napa Valley Wine Barrel Scented Frangrance Oil

Do you have a crafty wine loving friend? This can be used in a diffuser, or for DIY soap or candles.

Cork Leather Rolls

Speaking of crafts, introduce your crafty wine loving friend to sustainable cork leather for their creations.

Wine Kitchen & Home Gifts

Whenever you walk into a wine lovers home, you know you’ll be spy some creative wine accessories throughout. These are great gifts for wine lovers that are practical and will definitely be appreciated.

Countertop Wine Rack

Wine Rack with Cork Storage

Champagne Scented Candle

You can’t go wrong with gifting a candle. This soy-based candle smells like the world’s best wine, Champagne! This would make a great gift for one of the 8 crazy nights of Hannukah.

Adorable Fridge Magnets

French Wine Regions Poster

If you have a friend who is studying for a wine exam, posters and other visuals make a great gift. It’ll help them retain the information better and ace their wine exams.

Funny Wine Kitchen Towel

“This Might Be Wine” Mug

Sommelier tip: If you blow on your wine during a zoom meeting, your boss will think it’s coffee.

Wine Aromas Tea Towel

I love the look of these tea towels! These would be great for a friend who is transitioning to a more adult apartment. There’s also some very cheeky ones available to match any personality.

Italian Wine Map

Plan your next trip to Italy while staring at this colorful map of the Italian wine regions.

Bath Time Wine Glass Holder

A glass of wine in the bath is the ultimate in relaxation.

Inexpensive Gifts for Wine Lovers who Love to Read

Wine lovers know that wine education is a journey that never ends. We’re always looking into new wine regions or trying to find a new perspective. Books are always a great wine gift.

How To Drink Wine Book

A very simple guide to wine tasting.

Big Macs and Burgundy Book

This book offers practical wine and food pairing tips for everyday foods.

The Sommelier’s Cookbook

Wine Coloring Book

Do you have a stressed out wino in your life? Ha! Adult coloring books are very on trend right now. Help your friend relax and distract them from their day errr year.

Pocket Wine Book

An inexpensive wine book to keep in your pocket!

Christmas Gifts for Wine Lovers

Christmas Theme Wine Charms

How many times have you put your wine glass down to grab some more snacks only to turn around and see a glass next to it? Ugh. “Is this one mine?” “No, I think it’s mine.” “Let me see if it has my lipstick color on the rim.” In the year of the rona, we can’t risk drinking from the wrong wine glass. Buy all your friends wine charms as a hostess gift this year.

Wine Bottle Lights

Put these festive lights in your empty wine bottles for a very merry and wine loving holiday.

Wine Bottle Christmas Ornaments

Looking for even more gifts for wine lovers? Check out our Ultimate Gift Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give wine as a gift?

Yes! Wine Lovers love getting wine as a gift. Don’t be intimidated. A trick is to ask a sommelier or wine shop person what wine they are excited about. A wine lover will be happy to try something unique and new.

What does every wine lover need?

A wine lover needs a few essentials. A way to open their wine, a way to store their wine, and a way to serve their wine. A waiter’s key is the easiest and most compact way to open a bottle of wine. A simple wine rack or wine fridge is a great way to store a few bottles. Having a great set of wine glasses and a nice decanter are necessary to serve wine.

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