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A Sommelier’s Secrets to Wine & Food Pairing eBook

(6 customer reviews)


Everything you need to know to pair wine and food perfectly in a visually stunning and easy to understand eBook.


A Sommelier’s Secrets to Wine and Food Pairing by Certified Sommelier Anna Maria Kambourakis is everything you need to make perfect wine and food pairings.
This wine and food pairing ebook makes finding the perfect wine match for your meal quick and easy.
A Sommelier’s Secrets to Wine and Food Pairing breaks it down to the core concepts and key elements of wine and food pairing.
The 7 wine and food pairing secrets you learn can be used for a lifetime.
The wine and food pairing ebook also includes Pizza and Wine Pairings, Wine and Cheese Pairings, Pasta and Wine Pairings and Wine Pairing by Protein.
The wines are divided by category according to their acidity, body, and tannins to make choosing the right wine even easier.

35 pages

Table of Contents
Wine and Food Pairing Principles
What are the elements of food and wine?
Explanation of Elements in Food
Secret #1
Secret #2
Light Body and Full Body Wines
Secret #3
Secret #4
A Word About Salt
High Acid Reds and High Acid Whites
Secret #5
Secret #6
High Tannin and Low Tannin Wines
Secret #7
Food Pairing by Red Varieties
Food Pairing by White Varieties
Sparkling wine and Fortified Wine
Rose and Orange Wine
Wine and Cheese Pairing Guide
Wine and Pizza Guide
Wine and Pasta Guide
Wine and Takeout
Food Pairing by Protein
Wine as a Condiment
Final Tips and Tricks

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6 reviews for A Sommelier’s Secrets to Wine & Food Pairing eBook

  1. Vanessa Fanourgiakis (verified owner)

    I’m a lover of wine but have always been intimidated by wine culture, especially here in California where I live. I stumbled upon this blog and liked the articles enough to check out this eBook, just for my own knowledge. Not only is it visually stunning, it’s full of useful information that I can reference when trying to pair wine and food (FYI my prior knowledge included limited general info – white wine for fish and red wine for red meat!). It’s VERY specific, like there are lists of specific types of cheese and the wines they pair well with. There is also a wide variety of wines that are referenced so if you’re into trying different varietals (like me), this may help you pair unfamiliar wines with the right meal. The most interesting info I came across was about acidity in wine and the way that this reacts with food (small spoiler: acid neutralizes acidic food – like, whaattttt). The writer also has an inviting and friendly writing style that makes it easy to read and keeps you interested. Overall a great purchase and at reasonable price, I will be referencing it in the future.

  2. Gabriela Ancarola

    I’ve always been curious about the secrets of wine and food pairing and eager to know how the right combination can boost or ruin the perfect meal. What up to now seemed like an impossible lesson to learn, becomes easy and fun just by following this guide. Smart, well thought, and not complex at all, even for the most profane of readers when it comes to wine pairing (like me), this book makes it possible to make your diners shine just by understanding concepts that have so far remained a mystery. Anna’s light but entertaining prose as well as her deep knowledge of wine and cuisine are at the center of this great guide to keep always at hand when entering the kitchen! I can’t wait for more wine guides to come out to finally unravel the stunning world of wine!

  3. Chris Kay

    What an incredibly in-depth yet non-intimidating guide to wine and food pairings! Her knowledge is second to none and she has an incredible ability to relate to you, the reader, makes this incredibly valuable! I can not recommend enough!

  4. Koula

    The ONLY wine & food pairing guide you will ever need! I keep this in my kitchen and on my phone and reference it at every meal to help me make an educated decision when choosing which wine will complement each dish. Anna does an amazing job of simplifying an intimidating topic so that you too can feel confident when serving or drinking wine at home or during a night out.🍷

  5. Jo (verified owner)

    A beautiful, accessible wine guide for both wine lovers and strangers. Being the only one in my wine-obsessed family and my wide circle of friends who doesn’t like wine/alcohol, I never knew what to serve these people along with my meals when I threw a dinner party. This awesome guide had all the tips I needed to pair my meals with wines that actually complement them (and get my relatives too drunk to remember to ask when I’m gonna get married). No more complaints for throwing dry shindigs!

  6. Dawn Leadens (verified owner)

    Accessible, yet incredibly informative – if you love wine, you need this in your life. Anna Maria does an exceptional job of breaking down wine. A great read from start to finish, this guide is also great if you need to quickly need to reference something for a pairing. This guide has introduced me to wines I would never think to try on my own, but have quickly grown to love. So glad I found this and expanded my wine horizons! 🍷

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