Ultimate Wine Gift Guide

Wine Lovers are the easiest people to shop for. We just want wine and accessories for our wine! I’ve assembled a list of creative, useful, and unique gifts for the wine lover in your life. These are gifts they’ll actually want. This isn’t just a Christmas list or a Hanukkah list, save this ultimate gift guide for wine lovers for birthdays, anniversaries and housewarming gifts as well.

Evil Eye Wine Cooler- $95

Evil Eye Wine Cooler by Alexandra Manousakis

This hand painted wine cooler by artist, Alexandra Manousakis, is THE statement of all wine statement pieces. Your wine lover will lose their mind over this gift. It’s not just a wine cooler, it’s a work of art. Ships worldwide. www.alexandramanousakis.com

Wine T-shirts designed by Kleopatra Bright

Pulltex Hand Made Corkscrew with Rosewood Inserts & Leather Case Set- $64.99

This wine key is sexy AF. Your wine loving friend probably has the same wine key from their days waiting tables. It’s time for a serious and sexy upgrade. This wine key is hand made with real wood inserts.

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Apivita Wine Elixir Night Cream- $45

Okay, so maybe I’m speaking for myself here but this is a necessity after a night of drinking. Perk your face back up with this night cream. It’s got polyphenols from grapes from Santorini and loaded up with beeswax, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, olive oil and grape seed oil. Your skin will thank you. This is a great gift for a wine lover who already has everything.

Coravin- $200

Coravin is the new standard in wine preservation. Coravin allows you to take one glass out of a bottle without removing the cork. The wine is replaced by an inert gas to preserve the rest of the wine. These bad boys are expensive but pay for themselves over time by saving your wines from going bad. A Coravin is on every wine lovers wish list.

6 Pack of Wine Tumblers- $39.99

Let’s face it, we’re going to be doing most of dining and socializing outdoors for a while. I love these because they keep my wine cocktails cold and there’s a reusable straw. Now I recognize these aren’t the most appropriate wine glasses but this has been a year of adjustment and the straw goes nicely under our masks. Best part is people might assume it’s coffee. :wink wink:

Cork Leather

Cork Clutch-$45


Cork leather is a animal-friendly material that is durable and fashionable. These are a cute way to show your wine love. Wine lovers try to not be so cheesy and obvious with wine accessories, so cork is a subtle gift to give a more sophisticated wine lover.

Monogram Cork Holder- $22

When people ask me if I have a wine collection, I say, “Nope! But I have a cork collection!” Each cork is a memory. These monogrammed cork holders are a great way to store the corks from your favorite bottles.

Champagne Accessories

I’ve been somewhat obsessed with sparking wine lately, specifically coupe glassware. The wine lover in your life will need these for New Year’s Eve anyway. Looking specifically for Champagne gifts? Check out this gift guide specifically for Champagne lovers.

Champagne Stopper- $10

Champagne Coupe- $49.99

Spiegelau Glassware Set of 4- $34.99

I break about 2 wine glasses a month so they always need to be replaced. I love these for every day glasses and I don’t cry too much when I break one.

Riedel Cabernet Decanter- $49.99

Every household needs a good decanter. Riedel makes the best. Decanting wines is great to aerate young wines and to remove sediment from old wines. A decanter would be the most appreciated gift for wine lovers.

Ultimate Gift Guide for Wine Lovers
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