10 Best Sangria Glasses & Pitchers for 2021

Sangria is a summer time essential. It’s a classic red wine cocktail famous in the Iberian Peninsula; Spain and Portugal. Whether you’re sipping Sangria by the pool, on a picnic, or on the porch, you’ll need the perfect Sangria glasses for the occasion. Sangria glasses are slightly different than wine glasses because they need to be larger to hold the ice and fruit. You’ll want a goblet with a large opening so it’s easier to pour into. If you want to transport yourself to a Spanish cafe, opt for rustic “Chatos” glasses.

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If you’re looking for great Sangria recipes, check out my Classic red wine Sangria recipe and apple cider white wine Sangria recipe.

Choosing the Right Sangria Glasses

There are many different styles of Sangria glasses to choose from. There are classic glasses and decorative glasses, sangria glasses with stems and stemless, and Sangria glasses made out of copper, acrylic (plastic), and of course, glass. I find it’s best to choose by occasion for the right functionality and then pick a glass for your personal style. I’ve sorted them by indoor and outdoor. For indoor, choose a Sangria glass made from glass or crystal. For outdoors, like a picnic or poolside, choose a Sangria glass that’s made from a non-breakable material like copper or acrylic (plastic). You don’t want to risk getting glass in the pool!

The Best Classic Sangria Glasses

There are two classic Sangria glass options; large balloon wine glasses with stems, and short tumbler glasses like they use in Spain. There are benefits to both. A large balloon wine glasses for Sangria is great because the bulb is large enough to hold the right amount of liquid in addition to ice and fruit. Short tumblers are also great glasses for Sangria because the center of gravity is low which lowers the risk of spilling.

Schott Zwiesel Sangria Glasses (Set of 6), 23.5 oz

These crystal Sangria glasses made by Schott Zwiesel are specifically made for Sangria. They are balloon glasses that are large enough to hold a big serving of Sangria and the ice and garnishes. A bit of splurge but they are known for their quality stemware.

Style: Stemmed Balloon Glasses

Material: Crystal

What I love about them: These Sangria glasses are elegant, classic, and dishwasher safe!

What’s not great: These are pricey and if you’re like me, you’ll cry if you break one.

Spanish “Chatos” Stemless Wine Drinking Glasses (Gift Box Set of 4)

These are stemless wine glasses you’ll see all over Spain. If you want an authentic Sangria experience, these are the glasses for you. Chatos are small simple, yet stylish glasses.

Style: Short, flat tumblers

Material: Glass

What I love about them: These are the real deal. I love the authenticity of these Chatos.

What’s not great: Chatos are small and need to be refilled constantly. There’s not much room for ice and garishes.

Cask & Olive Glasses for Cocktails | Large 17oz

These sturdy balloon glasses feel great in your hand. They are large enough to hold an average serving of Sangria plus ice and garnishes.

Style: Balloon Thick-Stemmed Glasses

Material: Crystal

What I love about them: These Sangria glasses are great because the stem is thick and sturdy; less chances of it being knocked over.

What’s not great: The glasses are bit heavy to be holding if you’ll be standing.

JoyJolt Infiniti Sangria Pitcher and Glasses

This hexagonal design is just wow. These are beautifully designed AND dishwasher safe! These Sangria glasses would be perfect for a special event like a bridal shower or girls’ night.

Style: Stemless

Material: Crystal

What I love about them: I mean, come on! Just look at how gorgeous these are!

What’s not great: Small opening at the top makes it difficult to get all the Sangria fruit in unless they’re cut extra small.

Dos Sueños Hand-blown Sangria Pitcher and Glasses (Set of 6)

These hand-blown set is made with recycled glass with a beautiful cobalt blue rim. Dos Sueños has a long tradition of creating artisan glassware. They are dishwasher safe.

Style: Flat stemless glassware

Material: Recycled glass

What I love about them: Even though these are hand-blown, they are still quite sturdy. I also love supporting a traditional handicraft. These also make great margarita glasses.

What’s not great: Fairly priced for an artisanal item but not in everyone’s budget.

Libbey Modern Bar Sangria Entertaining Set with 6 Stemmed Glasses and Pitcher

Does it get any more classic than the Libbey brand? This design is great for everyday use for lemonade, too.

Style: Goblet with Pitcher

Material: Glass

What I love about it: I love this versatile design. This is an all-in-one pitcher and glass set.

What’s not great: Usually I can always find something to complain about but not with this Sangria set.

Best Sangria Glasses for Outdoors

When enjoying Sangria outdoors, by the pool, or at a picnic, you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. These copper tumblers are durable and most importantly non-breakable.

Perilla Home 100% Pure Copper Jug Pitcher with Lid & 2 Glass Tumbler

This Sangria pitcher and glass set is great for the backyard. No need to worry about breaking a glass. It does take a bit of care to wash but the beautiful design is worth it.

Style: Sangria Pitcher with Lid and Tumbler Glasses

Material: 100% Copper

What I love about them: I love the rustic style of this Sangria set. Copper is a great alternative to plastic. These would be great by the pool.

What’s not great: I get it, they’re copper, but after you’ve drank a bunch of Sangria, do you really want to polish it?

MICHLEY Unbreakable Red Wine Glasses 17 oz, Set of 6

Would you believe me if I told you these aren’t glass? They’re made from Tritan plastic and they are completely unbreakable.

Style: Stemmed Balloon Glass

Material: Non-toxic Tritan Plastic

What I love about them: I love not having to worry about knocking these over and breaking while still having a proper feeling wine glass.

What’s not great: For plastic wine glasses, these are pretty great, no complaints.

Break-resistant Fruit-themed Sangria Pitcher and Glasses

These plastic Sangria glasses are just decorative enough with an adorable nostalgic fruit design. They are break-resistant making them perfect for your back porch and picnic table. They are BPA and lead free.

Style: Decorative Tumblers & Pitcher

Material: Plastic (BPA & Lead Free)

What I love about them: I love that these aren’t cheesy and are well designed. I also love the price tag. The whole set is under $30.

What’s not great: These can get a little scratchy if you’re not careful.

Zonegrace 4 pack Rose Gold 12 Oz Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass with Straw

These stainless steel tumblers are the best Sangria glasses for a picnic. They come with a lid and a straw to prevent spills. The double wall insulation will keep your Sangria cold for hours.

Style: Stemless tumbler

Material: Stainless steel

What I love about them: I love that these are reusable and not disposable plastic Sangria glasses. They are well designed and functional.

What’s not great: Sangria fruit gets stuck in the straw so you’ll have to have to strain it or make Sangria without fruit.

Pitcher of white sangria

Frequently Asked Questions About Sangria

What kind of glass do you serve Sangria in?

There is no firm rule on what glass to serve Sangria in. You can serve Sangria in a goblet glass, a large wine glass, or a traditional chatos glass.

Should I refrigerate Sangria?

Sangria should be refrigerator when you aren’t serving it. It can keep in the fridge for up to a week though ideally consume it within 3 days.

What is Sangria typically made of?

Sangria can be made in a variety of ways. Traditionally, Sangria is red wine, fruit, and brandy. There are many variations of Sangria including white wine Sangria, sparkling Sangria with addition of soda water, and you can use whatever fruit is seasonal.

What is the best way to serve Sangria?

The best way to serve Sangria is with ice and a garnish of citrus. It’s been my experience that it’s best to place ice cubes in the glasses and pouring over them versus pouring them out of the pitcher; less mess that way.

Can I store Sangria in a plastic pitcher?

You can store Sangria in a plastic pitcher for up to a week. Make sure it’s BPA and lead free. If the plastic Sangria pitcher you buy does not have it’s own lid, cover it with film wrap.

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