Champagne and French Fries: #1 Wine & Food Pairing Ever

As many of you know, my obsession with this food combination goes deep. So much so that I started a international wine holiday with my friend, Kleopatra. Champagne and French Fries Day is celebrated every year on January 10th, my birthday. Kleopatra loves this combination so much that she made T-shirts well before the holiday was started.

Why does Champagne pair so well with French Fries?

I’m glad you asked. Champagne, in addition to being the greatest beverage on earth and French fries being the single greatest food, together they make the most harmonious wine pairing known to humankind. I’m not exaggerating; it’s science. Let’s break it down. Champagne has high acidity and effervescence. French fries have fat and salt. Acid is essential to cutting through fat and salt. The bubbles in Champagne also cleanse the palate and prepare your mouth for another 3 orders of French fries. Extra bonus, if you choose an Extra Dry Champagne which is every so slightly sweet, as opposed to Brut which is very dry, the pairing reaches new levels. Sweetness mellows out saltiness.

Champagne and Potato Chips

Champagne and Chips or Crisps

This should be a shock to no one, but Champagne and potato chips is also an amazing combination for the same principles laid out above. Now, with chips we enter into a world of texture; crunch! The crunchiness of the chip adds a whole other level of joy.

Picture of me (bottom right) Alexandra Manousakis (bottom left) and Kleopatra Bright (back), co-founder, on the first official Champagne and French Fries Day on January 10, 2021.

High Brow vs Low Brow

Now, you may be thinking, but Champagne is so sophisticated and expensive, can I really drink it with some McDonald’s fries or a bag of Lay’s? As a sommelier, I give you full permission. If for no other reason than to drink Champagne more frequently. If you’re waiting all year for New Year’s Eve or an anniversary to pop bottles, then we need to change that. I’m no wellness coach but I’m fairly certain that incorporating bubbles into your self-care routine will only make your life better.

Can I Substitute Other Sparking Wine with French Fries?

Of course! Look, sometimes the closest my budget gets to Champagne is Miller High Life. Most sparkling wine will do the trick here, especially those that have had the second fermentation in the bottle like Cava, MCC, and Franciacorta. Even Prosecco, which is quite inexpensive, will pair really well with French fries and chips. The point is to celebrate life every day and these two things will bring you immense joy, I promise.

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champagne and french fries day
Champagne and French Fries Day is January 10th

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  1. Hi Anna Marie. I absolutely love this. We opened the first wine bar on the west coast of South Africa in December 2021 and will be celebrating Champagne and French Fries Day with you! We’re putting a South African Spin on it though – Cap Classique and Chips. Cheers to a new tradition.

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