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5 Best Vineyards for Wine Tasting in Gran Canaria

With the favorable climatic conditions and versatile composition of the soil found here, the Canary Islands are a hotspot for wine production. One of the most prominent wine-producing islands is Gran Canaria. There are plenty of vineyards and wineries to explore across this fascinating landscape of black lava to white sand. Wine tasting in Gran Canaria is a must on your next trip to Spain’s Canary Islands.

The wine grown here tends to have very strong mineral flavors, due to the makeup of the volcanic soil. Furthermore, the vines tend to grow at very high altitudes, with both of these factors contributing to the creation of some unique and spectacular wines. For any wine lovers looking to explore Gran Canaria’s 500-year-old wine-growing history, here are five spots you must visit to learn more about the local produce, and even grab a few samples along the way. 

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wine tasting in gran canaria
Photo via Bodegas Bentayga

Bodegas Bentayga 

Situated in the biosphere reserve of Nublo Rural Park, Bodegas Bentayga is one of Gran Canaria’s best known vineyards. Set at an altitude of 1,300m above sea level, it’s the island’s highest vineyard, and remains a popular tourist hotspot. 

The vineyards are in a favorable position on the island for grape growing. They are situated away from the highly polluted tourist areas, and the orientation of the vineyard towards the southwest allows for an average of 11 hours of direct sunlight every day. 

In addition, the vines also benefit from the area’s large diurnal range, meaning that there is a vast difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures. This allows for the grapes to ripen for a longer period, and in a more balanced way. 

Photo via Bodega Los Berrazales

Bodega Los Berrazales 

Located in the northwest of Gran Canaria, this 200-year-old estate purports their wine to be different to any other product made on the island. Three different varieties are produced at Bodega Los Berrazales: red, dry white and semi-dry white. Their wines have been recognised with domestic awards, such as the Agrocanarias Gold Medal, won for a semi-dry white in 2011. 

Although the vines are grown close to sea level, the Agaete Valley forms a defence mechanism from the salty sea breeze, maintaining the quality of the grapes. Such are the favourable conditions found in these parts, Bodega Los Berrazales actually has a range of different produce and, along with the wine, is particularly famous for its oranges and coffee.

Bodega La Tabaibilla 

Bottled under the brand ‘Viña Tabaiba’, this renowned winery produces red, white and sweet wines from five different varieties of grape: Listán Blanco, Malvasía, Listán Negro, Negra Moll and Tintilla. 

The vines are grown at an average altitude of 528 meters above sea level. This means that they are classed as high-altitude vines per the European Centre for Research, Environmental Sustainability and Advancement of Mountain Viticulture’s definition. This means they can also benefit from more hours of sunlight during the day, contributing to stronger flavor profiles in the grapes. 

Photo courtesy of Bodegas Tunte via Facebook

Bodegas Tunte 

Opened in 1998, Bodegas Tunte is a mainstay in Gran Canaria’s wine-producing scene, and remains one of the island’s shining lights when it comes to specialty wines. The vines grown here are spread across an area of 35,000m², and growers focus on four varieties of grape: malvasia volcanica, verdello, albillo and Muscat of Alexandria.

Strangely for this region, which is most famed for its red wine, the four varieties grown at Bodegas Tunte are all used in white wine production. The quality of the wine made here is highly regarded, with growers citing the presence of lapilli in the soil here as a big factor in determining the quality, since they act as a form of protection for the vines. 

With both the plantation and harvest of the grapes done by hand, experts at Bodegas Tunte take the greatest care in ensuring that every bottle is made to their lofty standards. 

Phot via Bodega Los Lirios

Bodega Los Lirios 

The famous vineyards and winery of Bodega Los Lirios sit at the foot of Caldera de Bandama, with its vineyards spanning seven hectares of land. Los Lirios winery, which has been open for more than 100 years, offers guided tours of both its vineyards and production rooms, complete with tastings of their most popular products. 

Having been in operation since the beginning of the last century, this winery relied on archaic methods of production for many years. However, since the turn of the century, the crops and processes involved in production here have been modernized. It has to be said that the upgrade has paid dividends, as their famous wines have also been recognized with local awards. 

Have you gone wine tasting in Gran Canaria? Comment with your favorite wine spots.

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